Controllers group related Laravel request handling logic into single classes stored in the app/Http/Controllers/ directory. In this section we will create our own controllers to add functionality to our admin panel.

To configure your controllers, you need to look at the controllers key in the shopper/system.php configuration file.

'controllers' => [
'namespace' => 'App\\Http\\Controllers\\Shopper',

This implies that all controllers that will be loaded into the shopper control panel must be in the app/Http/Controllers/Shopper folder.

But you can change this namespace, you can change it for example to load them into a CPanel folder. For this your configuration should look like this

'controllers' => [
'namespace' => 'App\\Http\\Controllers\\CPanel',

Create Controller

You can create a controller using the following laravel command, which will generate a class in the App\Http\Controllers\Shopper namespace.

php artisan make:controller Shopper\\PostController

You can now add all your actions and set up the management of your articles

namespace App\Http\Controllers\Shopper;
use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
class PostController extends Controller