In e-commerce stores, customers are one if not the fundamental point for the functioning of your store.

The first page under the "Customers" menu gives you a list of all the registered users on your shop.


During the installation of Shopper, one of the first things required is to inherit to our model User the features of the model User that is in Shopper.


The model used is App\Models\User which extends the \Shopper\Framework\Models\User\User model.

Hot Tip!
During the installation of Shopper, the name column of the users table is removed and replaced by 2 new fields which are first_name and last_name.
Name Type Required Notes
id autoinc auto
first_name string no Nullable
last_name string yes
email string yes Unique
password string no Nullable
email_verified_at timestamp no Nullable
gender enum yes values ['male', 'female']
phone_number string no Nullable
birth_date date no Nullable
avatar_type string no default ui-avatars
avatar_location string no Nullable, picture filename
timezone string no Nullable
opt_in boolean no default false, this field is for mailing subcription
last_login_at timestamp no Nullable
last_login_ip string no Nullable


The components used to manage customers are found in the component configuration file config/shopper/components.php.

use Shopper\Framework\Http\Livewire;
return [
'livewire' => [
'modals.delete-customer' => Livewire\Modals\DeleteCustomer::class,
'customers.addresses' => Livewire\Customers\Addresses::class,
'customers.browse' => Livewire\Customers\Browse::class,
'customers.create' => Livewire\Customers\Create::class,
'customers.orders' => Livewire\Customers\Orders::class,
'customers.profile' => Livewire\Customers\Profile::class,
'' => Livewire\Customers\Show::class,
'tables.customers-table' => Livewire\Tables\CustomersTable::class,

Manage Customers

When a new customer places an order with your store, their name and information are automatically added to your customer list. A customer profile is created when a customer interacts with your store.

Alternatively, you can add a customer to your store manually.

Create customer

From your Shopper admin, go to Customers and click on "Add customer" button.

Create customer
Create customer

When creating a customer manually, you should also fill in an address that will be used when he places an order in your store.

customer address form
Customer address form

Optional: If the customer has agreed to receive marketing emails, and you have entered an email address, then in the Customer overview section, check Customer agreed to receive marketing emails.

And you can also check the Send customer credentials checkbox to sent an email to the customer with their login information.

customer notification
Customer notifications

The Livewire component used to create a client is Shopper\Framework\Http\Livewire\Customers\Create

$customer = (new UserRepository())->create([
'last_name' => $this->last_name,
'first_name' => $this->first_name,
'email' => $this->email,
'password' => Hash::make($this->password),
'phone_number' => $this->phone_number,
'email_verified_at' => now()->toDateTimeString(),
'opt_in' => $this->opt_in,
Hot Tip!
The clients that are displayed in the listing page are those that have the user profile which is the default role associated with all clients.

Customer's Information

In the case where you would like to have more information on a given customer, you can click on the customer name row in the customer's list. A new page appears.

customer informations
Customer informations

And in this page you can modify the information of a customer by clicking on the "update" button on the right of each information.

The various sections provide you with some key data on the user:

  • Customer information, first and last name, e-mail address, picture, birth date, gender.
  • Registered Addresses
  • Orders Summary of purchases already made by the customer. Amount spent, payment type, order status. For more information on each order, click on the order number.
Hot Tip!
Each of its pages are accessible via Livewire components, and are fully customizable to your needs. So don't hesitate to modify them.